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The Kinnaird Clan originated in the British Isles and has moved around the world. This is an association for everyone who is a Kinnaird, Kinnard, Kinard, Kennard, Kennerd, Kenerd, or any other derivation of the name.

This page is dedicated to the families who settled in North America. We are dedicated to the search for those families and their histories. We hope that this endeavor will be of value to you, and that you will contribute your history to the cause. With your help, this project will grow and your knowledge of the overall Clan will grow with it.

This is a new project,(Started in February of 2000)and as information is received, it will be compared to other family's histories, connected where possible, and then then will be made available on the Family Archives Page, of this site.

Please be aware that it will take some time to build this site and the information in it. You will be the determining factor as far as success or failure. The information that you possess is the key to that success. That information is what is neccessary to all of us to have a better understanding of our origins.

If you are interested in this project and would like to extend your own knowledge of the family, PLEASE send your information to us at:

or mail it to:

Robert M. Walker
221 South Market Street
Loudonville, Ohio 44842

We here at Clan Kinnaird, will organize the information and make it available here on this site, so that you and others of the Clan will benefit from it.